Special Issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine Released

A new special issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine features articles on physical activity as a preventive measure against physical disablement in older adults. The National Blueprint Consensus Conference Summary Report is included in this issue.

Table of Contents:

The National Blueprint Consensus Conference Summary Report

The Prevention Challenge – An Overview of This Supplement

New Thinking on Older Adult’s Physical Activity

Assessing the Building Blocks of Function – Utilizing Measures of Functional Limitation

Assessing Disability in Studies on Physical Activity

Does Late-Life Physical Activity or Exercise Prevent or Minimize Disablement?

Conceptual Challenges in Linking Physical Activity and Disability Research

The Benefits of Strength Training for Older Adults

Balance Training to Maintain Mobility and Prevent Disability

Balance and Mobility Challenges in Older Adults – Implications for Preserving Community Mobility

Challenging Aging Stereotypes – Strategies for Creating a More Active Society

Promoting Physical Activity for Older Adults – The Challenges for Changing Behavior

Promoting Physical Activity Among Older Adults – From Ecology to the Individual

Active Living for Assisted Living – Promoting Partnerships Within a Systems Framework

Medical Assessment for Health Advocacy and Practical Strategies for Exercise Initiation

Physical Activity to Prevent or Reverse Disability in Sedentary Older Adults