National Recreation and Park Association


About the Organization:

NRPA’s Mission – “To advance parks, recreation and environmental conservation efforts that enhance the quality of life for all people.”

NRPA’s Values – The membership is dedicated to achieving this mission with commonly held values and beliefs. We believe that parks and recreation:

Enhances the human potential through the provision of facilities, services and programs that meet human emotional, social and physical needs.
Articulates environmental values through ecologically responsible management and environmental education programs.
Promotes individual and community wellness to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.
Utilizes holistic approaches to promote cultural understanding, economic development, family unit and public health and safety, by working in coalitions and partnerships with allied organizations.
Facilitates and promotes the development of grassroots,self-help initiatives in communities across the country.
Goals: In order to carry out its mission, the Association has reaffirmed the following previously adopted goals. These goals broadly define the types of services the Association offers to its members and to the public at large.

To promote public awareness and support for recreation, park and leisure services as they relate to the constructive use of leisure and thereby to the social stability of a community and the physical and mental health of the individual. NRPA also strives to promote public awareness of the environmental and natural resource management aspects of recreation and leisure services.
To facilitate the development, maintenance expansion and improvement of socially and environmentally relevant public policy for recreation, parks and leisure.
To enhance professional development and to provide services that contribute to the development of NRPA members.
To promote the development and dissemination of the body of knowledge in order to improve the delivery of service, increase understanding of leisure behavior and expand the body of knowledge relative to natural resource and environmental management

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