Visiting Nurse Associations of America


About the Organization:

The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) was established in 1983 as the official national association of freestanding, not-for-profit, community based home health organizations known as Visiting Nurse agencies. Visiting Nurse agencies created the profession of home health care more than 110 years ago and are commonly referred to as “VNAs” throughout the country. They have a united mission: to bring about compassionate, quality home care to patients and their respected communities. Each Visiting Nurse agency is governed by a voluntary board comprised of leaders in the local community. This assures that each Visiting Nurse agency addresses the specific health care needs in the communities they serve.
The national association for these Visiting Nurse agencies, VNAA, was created to support and differentiate the Visiting Nurse agencies from other home health companies. VNAA is a national non-profit membership organization and economic coalition. VNAA promotes community based home health care through business development, national public imaging, member services and government affairs.

VNAA’s initiatives include:

Continuing an extensive public imaging campaign differentiating the VNAs as home health care experts.
Taking an aggressive stand to correct the inequities created by IPS and to ensure the viability of our historically cost efficient members.
Ongoing educational workshops to provide member agencies with the business and clinical tools to advance into the next century.
Developing new opportunities in our group purchasing program to increase cost savings for our members.
Strengthen our members through managed care contracting and new partnerships with business leaders.

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